Dedicated Internet Access for Business

Internet Connectivity for businesses across Canada

Internet Connectivity for businesses across Canada

Reality Bytes provides enterprise level Internet connectivity to businesses throughout Canada.  We partner with some of the top network operators to ensure the optimum service levels for your geographic area.We utilize Engineering and Telecom solutions experts to engage clients at a strategic level. We partner with our clients to deliver network designs that incorporate current and future requirements. Our Partner's National Transport Network and Infrastructure position us well to connect our customers across all major cities, as well as rural Canada.One of our partners, Xplornet Commercial Services, is an APEGA permit holder and their in-house Engineering and Solutions team has the industry experience and capacity to deliver turn-key Telecom solutions that include: site connectivity, tower design and construction and spectrum licensing. Xplornet's P.Eng discipline enables us to manage spectrum licensing and design for both Network and Customer solutions that are Safety Code 6 and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) compliant.

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